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Julie Ann Hacker

Great to meet you. My name is Julie Ann; I'm a writer and author of true-to-life horror--dark and literary--tales portraying life's fiery masquerade through fiction and non-fiction.

My motto: Live young in spirit & guided by truth.

To date, I've published the first book in The Dead Dance Faster Series, Unsacred Awakening, with plans to release book #2, Spirit Breaker, this summer. I'm busy rewriting My Name Is Sacrifice, a short story soon to be transformed into a novel; and writing and editing Underground Neighborhood - Surviving Childhood Sexual Abuse, a memoir. Plans stand in the works for their releases by summer's end.

I honed my writing skills alongside a few inspirational people, notably my creative writing and literature professors. And, I whetted my curiosity for life and its subtleties alongside my sociology and psychology professors--not to mention through my personal-life homilies, the greatest teacher of all.

Born and raised in Western Pennsylvania, I live life in the Laurel Mountain foothills where my imagination spurns and twists stories of intrigue, mystery, and suspense. Although I've taken an “early retirement” from religious/non-profit work, my days fill quickly with writing fiction, non-fiction, and writing my blogs, ScreamingEgoBlogMaiden, which you can find at my author site; and my Depression Dimension blog, which you can find at

When not spending my ‘free time’ with family and friends, you'll find me reading, knitting, biking, walking, yoga-ing, Starbuck-ing, and studying metaphysical/spiritual stuff, and mystical mysteries. And, I'll travel anytime I get the chance.