Author Picture

Kally Mayer

Kally Mayer is the oldest of 7 children and has always loved writing and poetry. She recalls her mother being concerned that she read so much that she never came out of her room.
Working as a Youth worker with special needs children, Kally has been around children her whole life. She really enjoys entertaining them with her silly rhymes and made up stories.
Kally has 3 children and three grandchildren which has inspired her to publish books for younger children.
Kally believes that literacy is an important indicator of the success of your child and entertaining them while reading is key. Gone are the days of Dick and Jane.
The more fun you and your child have, the more you will hook them into reading!
Read her funny, illustrated picture books at bedtime, nap time, or anytime. They are perfect for beginner readers and are designed to keep your child's interest and hopefuly make them smile.