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Kaye's first book, 'Running for a Cause', came about as the result of a need to do something to help raise funds for her nephew's chosen charity - the North of England Children's Cancer Research (NECCR) fund, after his 2 year old son was diagnosed with Leukaemia. Since then she has written a children's novella, 'The Truth About Amber - When Little Fibs turn into Great Big Lies', and the 'How To' book, 'Headscarves, Headwraps & More' - inspired by her volunteer work and love of scarves! Enjoying other people's stories so much - Kaye is also a Biographer and teacher of Life Story Writing.
Born in the UK, Kaye was a primary school teacher for 20 years, some of them as Deputy and Acting Headmistress, and as a Special Educational Needs specialist.
Kaye is now a stay at home mum in Melbourne, Australia, focusing on her family, writing, and volunteering with her local hospital. Added to this she has a rescue dog named 'Peaches', who loves long walks on the beach!