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Ketty Rodriguez

Ketty Rodriguez is a journalist born in Venezuela, that later became a U.S. citizen. She worked for almost a decade at El Nuevo Herald, a sister publication of The Miami Herald--a prominent Spanish newspaper in the United States.
At El Nuevo Herald, Mrs. Rodriguez worked as a news reporter and did an outstanding job with the Miami Dade Public School System. She wrote balanced articles that always kept in mind, the teacher's concerns and the student's rights. She is highly respected by the community for her work and integrity as a journalist.
In Venezuela, after having graduated from Andres Bello Catholic University, she started her career at Ultimas Noticias (UltiNot), the most emblematic newspaper in the country which targets the vast majority of the working-class population.
At UltiNot, she learned of the harsh reality existing in Caracas's poor suburbs including the constant strikes of workers demanding their rights, and the growing problem of violence and crime in the Capital.
Later, she wrote as a political reporter at El Diario de Caracas, an alternative newspaper (currently extinct).
Mrs. Rodriguez studied diplomacy at The Institute of Diplomat Studies Pedro Gual but she didn't finish it. Instead, she decided to leave her country and come to the United States when Hugo Chavez and his Communist Revolution took power in 1999.
In 2009, she left El Nuevo Herald to start her writing career. She has published one non-fiction book "Hijas del Abuso" (Daughters of Abuse) that talks about emotional abuse, and one novel, "Caracas, El Valle del Miedo" (Caracas, the Valley of Fear).