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Laurie Kaplan

Laurie Kaplan. Kaplan's Siberian husky Bullet was diagnosed with lymphoma at 9 years old. With chemo and a home care regimen Kaplan designed, he survived cancer. Bullet passed at 14 years old, still in remission. After constant prodding from Bullet's oncologist, Kaplan authored "Help Your Dog Fight Cancer," which has won numerous literary awards. This book provides the information they need to turn despair to confidence and become their best friend's best advocate.

Kaplan is the founder and administrator of Magic Bullet Fund, helping people who have a dog with cancer but cannot afford treatment fees. The fund has helped 400+ families take their dogs through cancer treatment.

Kaplan authored "So Easy to Love, So Hard to Lose with a Masters in Counseling and after counseling hundreds of pet owners after the loss of a pet. In this award-winning book, expertly sequenced and worded text pages followed by journal pages lead the owner through the grief journey feeling strong and healthy.

Kaplan says, "By living with pets we can learn life lessons that cannot be gleaned any other way. These lessons have a profound effect on our essential being if we let them. No matter how much we think we helped a pet, it cannot compare to how much they helped us."