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Marilyn Anderson

Marilyn Anderson is an award-winning television and film writer, author and playwright. She wrote for numerous television shows including Murphy Brown, FAME, Sherman Oaks, Facts of Life, Friday the 13th – the Series, and Carol & Company, starring Carol Burnett, Richard Kind and Jeremy Piven. She won a LUMINAS Award for the Positive Depiction of Women in Film and Television, and was honored by the Writers Guild of America as a writer of one of the 101 Best TV Shows of the past seven decades. Marilyn is the co-writer and producer of the 2015 film, How to Beat a Bully.

Ms. Anderson wrote and produced the Web Series, How to Live Like a MILLIONAIRE When You’re a Million Short. She is also the host of the series, which complements the book. In addition, Marilyn is the author of NEVER KISS A FROG: A Girl’s Guide to Creatures from the Dating Swamp. She also wrote and produced the Never Kiss a Frog Web Series, and co-authored the book, MUTTweiler: An AutoDOGography.

As a travel and entertainment reporter, Marilyn has written for various online magazines and in a column, Romance on the Road. Her witty relationship articles have appeared in the Los Angeles Times and other newspapers. She is also an accomplished speaker, and has been a guest on over 350 radio and TV shows, including Extreme Makeover, on which she was the Dating, Flirting and Kissing Coach. Ms. Anderson currently lives in Los Angeles.