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Mary Carr Jackson

I was born Mary Elizabeth Carr, in the city of Hartford, Connecticut. I come from a family of six children, my parents Margaret and Samuel Carr (who's names you will see in my book *Two Sisters Torn), were both hard working, loving people.

I had a pretty normal public school education which brought me to the age of 17 when I graduated from Hartford Public High School *college bound. *I also was to receive a full scholarship ( from Upward Bound Program) to attend The University of Hartford.

I married and raised two children, Lisa and Kellen Jackson, *who are wonder very grown people now.

That bring me to the point were I'd like to mention, the fact that I'm a certified dental assistant. My career as a dental assistant lasted 15 years. (in which time I worked as an employee of the Hartford Dental

I retired form there and moved to Atlanta,( where I still live) and wrote my first novel "Two Sisters Torn...