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Mary Terzian

Mary Terzian's multicultural nonfiction memoir, "Politically Homeless - a Five-Year Odyssey . . .," published by Author House in July 2015, relates the award-winning author's travels and adventures across the globe in search of a niche where she can realize her dreams of pursuing college education.

Terzian's book reflects the universal struggles of immigrants who have lost their homeland and have to re-start life elsewhere. It unfolds her extraordinary ventures into unfamiliar territory, a journey that transforms a shy and reserved young girl into an intrepid woman. Khrushchev's demise, a crocodile meal and traveling with chickens on a commuter plane are normal hazards in her life. She returns to Leopoldville on board a flight commandeered by mercenaries! Per Kirkus Reviews "Through her own story, Terzian articulates the ways in which patriarchy, culture, bureaucracy and politics challenge but never fully derail an independent woman's ambitions. An often charming memoir that intertwines personal and political histories."

"Politically Homeless . . .," is globally available in digital and paperback formats at and similar online stores. It is also sold in brick and mortar bookstores. Information about the author and her forthcoming activities are posted at: She blogs at and is active within the Facebook and Linkedin communities.

The author now lives in California and calls herself "an imported American."