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Michael Phelps

MICHAEL PHELPS was born in Indianapolis, Indiana on September 18, 1943. After service in the United States Air Force, where he served as a Senior Military Policeman - Combat Defense Forces during the Viet Nam War, he returned to Indianapolis. He was married on July 2, 1964. After living in Los Angeles for one year and Chicago for two years he relocated to New York City, where he lived for 15 years. Relocating to Miami, Florida to escape the harsh winters of New York, he became The Administrative Assistant, and later Individual Co-Trustee of a multi-million dollars private trust for Count Tassilo Szechenyi (an Hungarian Nobleman). After the Count's death in 1988; he was engaged as Chief Investigator for a prominent Miami Law firm, specializing in criminal defense. There he worked on several high-profile cases, including two high-profile murder cases.

While with the law firm, he co-authored "DAVID JANSSEN-MY FUGITIVE", with Ellie Janssen, first wife of the late Golden Globe winning, Emmy nominated actor of film and television, most noted for his staring role as "THE FUGITIVE" (ABC Television, 1963-1967). This is the only authorized Biography of David Janssen. Mr. Phelps released the Fourth Edition in Hardcover on July 15, 2010, at the original 1994 publication price. Now available at $16.20 through Amazon.

With the success of this book, and retiring from the law firm, Mr. Phelps embarked on his new career, writing novels based on true crimes.

His debut novel, THE EXECUTION OF JUSTICE introduces his readers to the "Detective Mike Walsh" series of novels.

THE EXECUTION OF JUSTICE (Blue Line Publishing House, Inc. - First Edition - Hardcover - 408 Pages - $25.95) was released on February 1, 2009. It is also available in E-book.

Mr. Phelps released the second novel of the "Mike Walsh Detective Novels" series, "THE JOCKEY'S JUSTICE" as an E-Book on February 27, 2012. It is available on Amazon KINDLE for just $2.99.

Mr. Phelps's four and one half year years journey into the past with his friend David Janssen has come to an end. The highly anticipated "DAVID JANSSEN-Our Conversations" is now available in E-book Edition, EXCLUSIVELY on Amazon Kindle Store. Softcover Editions are in print and a Hardcover Edition is available by Special Order. Due to the length, this Memoir is published in VOLUME ONE~The Early Years, 1965-1972 and VOLUME TWO~The Final Years, 1973-1980. Mr. Phelps was inspired by many of David's friends and fans to write this book. In the book he relates hundreds of conversations between David Janssen and himself, covering a myriad of subjects, including; his career, his marriage to and divorce from Ellie, his alleged 'womanizing', his drinking habits, his opinions of many of the top Hollywood Producers, Directors and Stars with whom he worked, the Viet Nam war, politics, his relationships with his mother, step-father, sisters, Ellie's daughters and more. "DAVID JANSSEN-Our Conversations".

Mr. Phelps splits his time between New York City and Miami, Florida. Mr. Phelps's beloved German Shepherd, Rico der Hunter III passed away on 14 August 2014. He will soon be rescuing another German Shepherd to share his home and travels.