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Michele DeLuca

Michele DeLuca is an award-winning journalist for an upstate New York daily newspaper, with a fascination for all matters of life and death.
Her first novel, "Forever More: A Love Story from the Edge of Eternity," examines the topic of living beyond this existence in a manner that is unimaginably love-filled and joyful.
She wrote this on her blog:
"It doesn’t matter what religion you follow — so many stories affirm what the sages have said since time began: There are many pathways to God and to those waiting for us in the beyond. That’s what I have read and heard in the hundreds of reports I’ve encountered from people who have shared about their “near death experiences,” each story unique but impossibly similar. All who have experienced such revelations can’t be making it up, nor can they be imagining the way their lives are profoundly changed after such experiences occur.
As a journalist, my work is based upon the stories people tell me and what they believe is their truth. In the newsroom, I collect those stories and words and share them as part of the news of the day. But, at the end of the day, I believe the life-changing stories told by those who have come back from the beyond are the most important news to be shared. Such stories tease us with the possibilities of understanding, peace, and a reason to be hopeful, forevermore.