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Nicolas Pavlou

Nicolas was born in London but now lives in Nicosia, Cyprus. He graduated from Lancaster University in the UK with a BA in Accounting and Finance and joined the Assurance and Advisory practice of EY in 2003 with a focus on banking and financial services.

Despite being an accountant, in his free time he loves reading, watching science fiction movies, spending quality time with his family as well as writing poetry, short science fiction stories and children's books.

The book "Super Daddy Bedtime Questions" was inspired by his fascination with superheroes from the time he was a child as well as the imaginative and creative role-playing he engages in with his four year old son every day after work.

Nicolas remembers, "One day as we were running through the house wearing some old bedsheets as capes and pretending to fly, my son asked me if we could take a break
from saving the world so I could give him a hug and make him a bubble bath! That was it! As I melted in his arms, the concept of this children's book was born..."

True superhero powers stem far deeper than physical strength, endurance and abilities. When super-relationships are built on trust and unconditional love then that is truly an unbeatable force that no one can defeat!

In March 2014 he was admitted as a Member of Torr, one of the world's most selective high IQ societies. Torr is a modern micro social network intended to stimulate original ideas, awaken and develop talent throughout the world, provide fellowship, and ensure a better appreciation of the arts and sciences.