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Nina Hobson

I grew up watching horror movies and reading horror books and magazines. I just knew when I grew up I was going to be a writer - leaning toward the horror and thriller genres! No one was gonna tell me I wasn't either. My mind was made up.

I guess Life had other plans for me because no sooner than I hit my twenties, here came me as a single mom of four children, college and jobs (in that order). So I changed diapers. I obtained my Bachelor's degree and I worked various jobs (always thankful to be employed...but still...)

However, I also began to write and I wrote whenever I could. It took me a couple of years from start to finish but I completed my first novel called Tainted Blood when my youngest child was in middle school. I felt happy and accomplished - even though the manuscript didn't do anything but gather dust on my hard drive.

And life trudged on and my children grew up.

But one day after returning home from visiting my second grandchild, a voice whispered in my ear to quit my job and move out of state. So I just up and did.

Right then and there I decided to stop wasting away waiting and wanting and just do what makes me happy. Life is too short not to. It was time for me to be that writer I always knew I could be. So I wrote. I wrote Tainted Blood 2 and a whole mess of short stories and flash fiction.

Fear is such a downer because I had all these stories but I was terrified to publish them - no one was gonna read them. The voice laughed at me (it was a gentle laugh so I didn't get too offended) and spoke to me again. It said,

"Of course no one is going to read them - they can't, you have them on lock down - you have to release them. Nina, if you don't take a chance on yourself, why would anyone else?"

That made sense to me then and it still does today.

Now here I am driving down the highway of my 'almost' long lost dream. Pile in fellow horror/thriller fans and ride along with me. There's plenty of room for everyone and you're all welcome! Thank you for sharing in my imagination.

These days will find me in Ohio currently working on four nearly finished novels as I also learn to write screenplays. When not writing, I enjoy partaking of the horror genre (and others) in all their current formats, Skyping/Facebooking with my growing family and enjoying my life one day at a time.