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Pamela M. Covington

I am a former welfare recipient: been there, done that and learned a lot from it. Now it’s time for me to share with low-to-middle income survivors and policymakers the things I learned during my poverty stint.

As a motivational speaker my goal is to help my audiences renew their self-esteem and faith in their ability to take control of their own lives. I do this by sharing the lessons of my own welfare struggle—and triumph, as well as providing them with practical personal strategies. As a writer I seek to inspire. When advocating I share my personal story as a way to put a face on the issues of poverty. poverty and welfareWriting and reading are major players in my life. When writing I’ve no need to fantasize. Instead, I compose directly from life, with its overabundance of subject matter offerings. And most often, my choice of reading material is something that I can put to use in the biggest room in the world—the one for improvement.

I love learning and I’m a strong proponent of literacy, education and poverty elimination. I’ve earned a bachelor’s degree in communications and two master degrees: the first in Management and the second in Human Resources Management.

I am all things communication. I’ve worked as a radio announcer, newspaper reporter and graphic designer. For over a decade, I served as a training instructor.

PamComicGarageCleanFMDAnd I’ve spent the last three years dedicated to writing my welfare story, A Day at the Fare: One Woman’s Welfare Passage, which will be available this fall.

Meanwhile, I chill out with word games, a spooky movie, time at the beach or a drive in my convertible. I socialize a bit, spin an abundance of different types of music and I read—a lot; no room in my home is without a tall stack of books or a packed bookcase.

Lately, I’m especially fond of collecting out of print books. No one will want to help me when it’s time to move!