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Pat Bradley

Pat Bradley is a Canadian freelance writer and e-book author. Her career in executive administration, along with being a successful entrepreneur has awarded her many professional accolades, though nothing has compared to ditching the corporate world, taking a leap of faith, and diving into her lifelong passion for writing.

“It’s the most rewarding thing I have ever done for my own personal growth,” Pat shares. "I love watching my imaginary friends grow and develop over time, especially when they take on a life of their own and deviate from the path I intended them to go. What frustrates me most about writing; is when my "friends" won't come out to play."

Happy Hour, her debut novella, depicts how "married life," (in some cases), may not be so "merry," while exploring an honest, yet romantic take on modern day marriage. Pat's second release, Pennies from Heaven, will be available late December, 2015. A haunting yet thought provoking novella based on a little girl's imaginary friend, whom may not be imagined at all.

You can reach Pat Bradley at for further information on her upcoming titles, or simply just send her an email to say "Hello!"