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Patricia Friedberg

British-born author Patricia Friedberg grew up in London during WWII. She attended the Henrietta Barnett School and later the London School of Journalism. Soon after her marriage, the Friedberg's left England to live for many years in South Africa and in the Rhodesias - now Zambia and Zimbabwe, where Dr. Friedberg practiced medicine and where she was a journalist and writer of documentaries for the Rhodesian Newspapers and Rhodesian Television.

Due to civil unrest and for the safety of their children, the family came to America where Mrs. Friedberg attended university and wrote columns for community and organizational papers, and hosted a television talk show '"People of the Book" for NBC affiliate in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

In addition to her talent as a writer and journalist, Mrs. Friedberg has composed music for theatre, written for a ballet, and has traveled extensively with her husband, a professor of cardiology who lectured around the world.

She has co-authored with her daughter Adrienne, two illustrated children's books, "Dear Sammie, A Letter to a child of Divorcing Parents", and "Dear Jake, A Letter to a Child of Divorcing Parents."

Her novel: 21 ALDGATE set in London in the build-up and into WWII, has become a Book Club favorite, is out in a second softcover edition and now available on Audio Books. Her memoir about her African Years...titled "LETTERS FROM WANKIE" is an historical and sometimes hysterical account of Colonial Africa. She is currently working on a novel based on the Friedberg's return to Africa, to the then Rhodesias, and the ensuing years.
"JOURNEY FROM THE JACARANDAS" will complete the trilogy.

She is the mother of four children, each born in a different country, grandmother of eight, and now has two great-grandsons. Visit