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Patty Civalleri

My name is Patty Civalleri. As a historian, photographer and global traveler of our ancient world, I created the book that I have never been able to find - in ANY city in the world. This is the first in my new 'Deep Travel Series'.

Years ago, I visited the city of Florence for a few days. For some unknown reason, however, I had a difficult time leaving. Years later, I heeded her invisible call and revisited this ancient and exotic city. Once again, I had to pry myself away. After traveling the globe for 17 years, I have never felt a 'pull' quite like this. It left me curious enough to get it together and go for a third visit. But this time, I stayed for three months. And I fell in love. With the city. With her history. With the fantastic group of real-life characters that stormed out of the Dark Ages and chiseled the western world into an enlightened Renaissance.

There are endless reasons why the city of FLORENCE is a favorite destination of so many travelers: the food, the wine, the people, the history, the landmarks, etc.