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Paul Chiswick

Paul Chiswick is a U.K. citizen. He was raised in a traffic-free street in a gritty, industrial town in Lancashire, and remembers swimming in the municipal pool on a Saturday morning, attending the local cinema and watching huge ships tramp silently up and down the Manchester Ship Canal, waving furiously to the sailors leaning over the railings. At twelve years of age, his family moved to the much more bucolic atmosphere of Chepstow, a charming market town straddling England and Wales. From His bedroom window he watched as the twin support towers of the first Severn Bridge rose like two massive rugby posts. This sowed the seeds for his of rugby and engineering.
After school, he attended university where he studied Civil and Structural Engineering.
Two degrees later, he took himself off to the Far East where he worked on large projects in New Guinea and Hong Kong. On returning to the U.K. he changed careers, selling successfully in the IT industry.
He now resides with his wife in a North Warwickshire village, far enough from Birmingham to be tranquil, close enough to access the bright lights.
His divides his time between writing, helping unpublished authors get into print and promote themselves, and producing living memories from static images.