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Paul Hartford

Paul is the first time author of "Waiter to the Rich and Shameless" His debut book is a #1 Pop-Culture Bestseller on Amazon since March 2015.

Paul Hartford's work experience includes over seventeen years in the high-profile service industry, catering to topline clients in various exclusive establishments.

Before his decade of service in the iconic Cricket Room, he worked in the executive dining room of a major Hollywood movie studio and spent several years as a bartender in an elite downtown nightclub.

His service career started when, as a seventeen year-old he managed to con his way into a waiter position at the Holiday Inn near Wellesley, MA by posing as an eighteen year-old. Later, as a waiter at the infamous Division Sixteen in Boston, he had to help carry Steven Tyler out of the bathroom where he had shot up and was too high to open the door or walk out on his own. This was during the time when Tyler and Joe Perry were supposedly sober and hosting alcohol-related public service announcements on local TV stations. Later in Boston, Hartford was the head waiter at the ever-trendy 29 Newbury.

He is also a noted musician and vocalist who has performed in Europe, Asia and America. He has written over 100 songs and has licensing deals with several TV shows. When he was first signed to a music production company in Miami, he had to supplement his income by working at the Village Inn where he remembers serving customers such as Andy Garcia and Kelly MacGillis.

After moving to Los Angeles Paul struggled through the music business, shuffling between various restaurants jobs until he finally decided to chop off his hair, throw in the towel and try out for a career waiter job at one of the most prestigious and infamous restaurants in all of Beverly Hills. The rest is in his new memoir appropriately entitled "Waiter to the Rich and Shameless."

Paul is currently writing his second book as well as a pilot based on, "Waiter to the Rich and Shameless." Paul has also written a "Buddy Comedy" screenplay.