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Paz Ellis

I have been writing since childhood. My writing journey began with poetry and short stories. I grew up in a household of voracious readers. My father used to write Cuban folk songs and one of my uncles is a poet. Like my older sister, I kept journals. When I was about twelve-years-old my mother gave her a wonderful gift- my first hardcover book. It was a beautiful copy of "Little Women." I looked at it and realized that my name would be on a book cover one day. However, my first book was a product of grief. I wrote a memoir, Plantains and the Seven Plagues several months after my mother passed away and have not stopped writing since that day.

I have also published a fictional book, "Just Finn". It is a story about an autistic young man, inspired by my brother who has lived with Asperger Syndrome for over forty-five years. "Just Finn" is the 1st of a two-part series. Part II will be available in the fall of 2020.