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Penny Robichaux-Koontz

Penny is an author, (whose story has been featured on national TV, chronicled in newspapers and told in local and national magazines) artist, teacher, inspirational speaker and business woman who traveled nationally and internationally launching businesses and coaching in the health and fitness industry.

Completely paralyzed in 1952 at the age of three from polio. However, with her mother's guidance and her own determination, she overcame the first bout of this disease. In the early 1980's she was struck with post polio syndrome and a devastating prognosis ~ "you will never walk again."

In 1991, Penny established a homeless shelter in Rosenberg, Texas, receiving the prestigious Jefferson Award for public and community service in 1993.

Penny is the founder of Jacob's House, Inc., a home for children that operates outside the norm but inside a circle of love, laughter and discipline, providing a unique environment for the children who call it home.