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Peter C. Bradbury

I am a former traditional English butler from near Manchester, England. I have lived in the USA since 1994, currently living in Isleton, CA but also ten years in Dallas, Texas.
I was always being asked what life was like as a butler, and that was what made me write "Stonebridge Manor." Day to day happenings can be humdrum, even with famous guests or employers, so I changed the book into a novel and it is now a murder/mystery. It is getting great reviews.
I have since written "Prospects", which was inspired by the vast amounts of missing people there are. Thousands go missing every year. Men, women, children, old and young, some intentionally, some not. In the book, Alex targets young professional beautiful women, who are single and new to the city. As Alex is rich, very intelligent and extremely good looking, he has no problem in attracting the women, but he looks on them as prospects. Prospects to kill eventually, if everything goes smoothly, and if he doesn't have the stomach to do it, his brother certainly does.
There is also "Consequences," which is about a man who is trying to expel his demons from years of being a victim to bullies. This novel was inspired by one of my grandsons, Bryce, who is in school in Florida and his life is being made hellish by cowardly bullies. Although I wouldn't advocate the way James deals with his former bullies, it is true that if you pick on the wrong person, then there may eventually be "Consequences."
My latest book is "The Innocent Children" which in some ways was a follow on to "Prospects." Researching the number of missing people in the USA, it is a fact that of those who are trafficked around 80% of them are forced into being slaves to sexual predators. Young boys and mainly girls with an average age of 11 are the favored targets, either home grown or smuggled into the country. This book, which I wrote as a novel, focuses on the children involved in human trafficking, here in the USA.
Getting older, losing my credit, and being more of a traditional butler, has meant that it has been very difficult to find work recently, so I happily type away on my laptop, making my books very readable and entertaining. I have also returned to the restaurant trade.
A big soccer and golf fan, I also enjoy other sports, but my schedule still revolves around my team's kick off time back in old blighty.