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Ronnie Solan

Ronnie Solan PhD Psychoanalyst-Clinical Psychology-Psychotherapist Working with children, adults and couples. I am fascinating by the normal development of the child from his birth and by the profound impact of these first years of life on Adults as Couples and Parents. In my book The Enigma of Childhood I elaborate the concept of Healthy Narcissism, which functions as an Emotional Immune System like the biological immune system: I also scrutinize the concept of the normal object relations from birth as "Jointness-Separateness", relations between separate objects. These concepts elucidate why and how couplehood is an art, which, starting in infancy, continues throughout life in numerous shapes and variations and requires each one to respect the otherness of his partner. I also differentiate Ego's mechanisms of adaptations from the mechanisms of defense and examine how from the normal child development we can more easily understand and diagnosticate the pathological aspects as well as find an appropriate psychotherapic technic.