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Saji Mathew

Matthew Ilayathu. Over 15 years of journalistic and copywriting career- worked in India and the Middle East. Worked as Editor for a news magazine published by a U.K. company. Currently he is settled in Kerala, India and working as freelance Social Media Manager for companies in Australia, New Zealand and the U.S.A. Have expertise in social media marketing and content creation.

Being a blogger, he’s very active in social media forums writing about global warming, climate change, and political and social issues. Many skits (in English & Hindi) coming under political satire genre were written and directed on stage at New Delhi, India. The hypocrisy and corruption prevailing in the Indian political arena is a favourite subject.

Future plans include writing more about global warming and climate change for creating public awareness. Currently the book, The Coming of Noah's 2nd Ark is being adapted for a movie screenplay.