Author Picture

Samantha Weiland

Samantha Weiland has been dedicated to educating the youth and writing for as long as she can remember. She is an Educational Services Administrator, Tutor, and Children’s Book Author by both trade and passion.

While recovering from two heart surgeries, Samantha wrote the first six books of her “Tasha & Benji” series and is currently creating videos and a website designed for young children just beginning their English language education.

Samantha received her Master’s Degree in Education specializing in English as a second language. She has been teaching non-native English speakers for nearly two decades. She presently lives in Arcata, California and spends most of her time creating stories, reading, and camping with her husband and dog Benjamin. Recently, Samantha published her first two stories of an ongoing series, serving as a pleasant and simple introduction to the English language.

Her work isn’t simply a job she does, it’s her life.