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Sandra Golden

I was born and raised in San Jose California and was the eldest of two brothers and a sister. In Junior school, and High school I was very active in marching band, foreign exchange club, drama, and the school mentoring program. My favorite classes were always English where I enjoyed writing stories which I shared with the elementary students in which I was assigned in the mentoring program. After graduating from Gunderson High School I went to Junior College for a while before enlisting in the U.S Army. I became extremely ill and became paralyzed because of Gillian Barre syndrome. Because I am a fighter, and refuse to give up I got back on my feet, got, married and moved to Memphis. I went to Memphis State and graduated with a B.A in Education and had my one and only child, James. He was my whole life. I volunteered at all his schools, was coach to several sporting teams, and was a Cub Scout leader. He was my greatest joy, and my greatest pain when he was killed just four days before his birthday on New Year's Eve 2008. With all my dreams destroyed in one night I resurrected and old dream. Becoming a published Author. So I immersed myself in my writing and created new worlds where I could forget my pain, and broken heart. And that world grew and grew and became a wonderful series that I now call “Hidden World”
Besides writing, my husband of thirty-three years and I love to travel, especially on cruise ships. At home I enjoy being in my garden, when not pulling weeds, or mulching, I just love to sit and listen to the peaceful sounds of my waterfall as I watch my kitty’s chase birds and butterflies and write. I love cooking, needle work, walking, swimming, and reading. I a big believer in recycling as much as possible, saving our environment for future generations. I rescued many animals, and given a home to many abandoned kitties, because I know how it is to be abandoned. I enjoy meeting new people, but from my list of favorite activities you can tell that I am a bit of a loner at times. But like my hero's, I work on with a strong, determined and persistent heart, and shell never give up no matter what the obstacles I have to face.