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Canadian born, Sandy made her first appearance in 1975. With a Newfoundland heritage on her father's side and English ancestors on her mother's side, Sandy grew up craving to learn more about her background.

In 1989 she finally visited St.John's Newfoundland and instantly fell in love. Still yearning to see the UK, Sandy took up a special interest in the British royal family, particularly the late Princess Diana, and as such is proud of the large collection of biographies lining her bookcase.

Sadly, her father passed away in 1992, bringing certain heartache but also lighting a candle in a budding author's heart. After her marriage in 2004 and the birth of her first child in 2006, Sandy found herself getting in touch with her creative side and penned her first memoir, about her father, which was published in 2010.

After the fulfilling experience of her first book, she knew there was no turning back. The author of 7 titles and counting, Sandy is living out her dream of writing, and hopes to one day see the world, but until then she'll write about it.