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Siege Vonholy

I’ve always been a story teller, and I guess I would consider my self a poet, a hopeless romantic, a dreamer, trying to paint a picture with words, driven from the God kind of love.

I hate boxes, I hate having to say I'm either this or that, but these boxes tend to be our way of trying to control passion, spirit and emotion, so to satisfy the boundaries of your thoughts and interests, I guess my writing tends to be drawn towards Love, not the kind of love we dream about, the kind of love that transcends logic, time and reality, but because I'm a Writer, writing a tale depicting this kind of spirit, to the world, It is called Fiction, but to me, true intimacy, not just romance. But my writing is not just rose peddles and sunsets , but of War and triumph, the release of our true nature as conquerors, fighting the good fight, through worlds that are sometimes unlike the ones we recognize, but could relate to your circumstances none the less, maybe the stories I write, could answer some questions you've kept hidden deep in your soul.

I’ve never considered my self a teacher or expert at anything, I'm just a story teller, connected to a Truth you might believe is just subjected, and by no means am I here to challenge your perspective...I'm just telling a story the best way I know how...

With my book called Love Letters From Hell, a poetic understanding of Heaven an Hell. Is not a religious book, or a book of poetry like someone once asked. But a book about this Love, War and triumph I spoke about earlier.