Author Picture

Smita Bhattacharya

A self-confessed nerd, feminist and lover of all things quirky, Smita is an award winning short story writer based out of Mumbai. Potent coffee and a good book makes her day. Planning for that one big, decadent trip to a new country, makes her year. She considers herself the sum total of all the places she has been to, like a Lego puzzle being set up, one journey at a time.

Smita cares deeply for women's issues and her writing usually reflects strong, central female characters. She's also a fan of a genre she calls racy emotional thrillers, and her books display that predilection. She has a novel and a novella out in the reading world, with plenty more floating in the dark recesses where they came from.

Smita has a degree in engineering and Masters in Business Administration and currently works as a consultant.