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Steven Kay

I like to write down to earth historical fiction that is well-researched and rooted in time and place. I love shouting at the telly when historical dramas play fast and loose with facts.
I am the author of "The Evergreen in red and white," the story of Rabbi Howell's last turbulent year in Sheffield. Rab was a footballing pioneer: he joined Sheffield United in their first season and left under a cloud just before they achieved glory. The Evergreen tells his story: how he is torn between two women and struggles to do the right thing given the constraints of Victorian society. It is based on the facts that can be gleaned. Find out more on my website:
I have also published a forgotten gem as an e-book: WW Jacobs "The Skipper's Wooing" - it deserves to be read again. "Spirit of Old Essex": available through brings together hidden treasures of Arthur Morrison's work: including "Cunning Murrell" a story of smuggling and witch-finding.
I live in Sheffield with my partner and two children. I spend Monday to Thursday on the treadmill, Fridays researching and writing, Saturdays (from August to May) watching my hopes crumbles and turn to dust, and Sundays waiting to do it all again.
I am currently working on a novel based around an infamous Victorian court case at Leeds assizes.