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Susan Parker Rosen

Susan Parker Rosen has worked most of her career in accounting and sales. It took Susan until age 60 to realize that if you "find a job you love you'll never work again."

She always has had an interest in writing but decided to write her first novel, when in a dream, one of her Aunts' hugged her and spoke to her saying "Start with a blank piece of paper." Unemployed at the time and struggling to make a change, Susan Parker Rosen, did just that.

Susan's first book "The Bastard Child" was a story she describes with passion "just had to be told" as her own Great Grandmother went missing; which she believes was due to the Magdalene Laundries of the Victorian Period. She is presently working on the Izzy Short Story Series, the first short story "Alone in Rehoboth Beach," and the 2nd in the series, "Missing on Hatteras Island," are both presently published.

"I didn't write my first story until I was over 60 years old" and a few years later also found her soul mate, Husband Tim Latham. They both reside in Beautiful Pocomoke City Md in a home that is 125+ year old home. Their family consists of their Pug "Effie" their Pomchi, "Nikki" and their 2 Cats, "Saki" and "Roku."

Feel free to contact her at, she loves to hear from readers!

The Bastard Child, her first work receives exciting reviews from readers:
"Everything I love was in this novella. Susan Parker Rosen has spun a yarn that was alarming, spooky, mysterious, and action packed."