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Aralyn Kraft, alter ego and side kick of Tamatha, the mild mannered author and indie-publisher of all things of interest. While Aralyn writes mostly non-fiction works she's been known to dabble in the world of fantasy from time to time. But the wheels and cogs that turn the universe are switching the gears for her. While it was good to start in the world of dichotomies and government regulations, that yearning to create worlds finally took over.

I've been writing since I was seven. The first book my mother ever read to me was "Hop Away Joey" and though I loved the story, I fell in love with the tempo at five. It fascinated me how the words captivated my attention and drew me into a book. I had her read that thing over and over until we glued the pages back in and the spine was held together with duck tape. That's how much I loved and still love books. Thank GODS for electronics!