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Thaddeus Winters

Hello readers. Let me introduce myself. My name is Thaddeus Winters. I am a young unknown author from a small town down south called Yazoo City. I was raised by my mom Debra Winters who’s single parent but raised myself and my other three siblings to the best of her ability. I started my education at WoolfortElementary, I later proceeded to Yazoo City Junior High and then after graduated from Yazoo City High School. Currently I am focusing more on my books and the raising of my beautiful baby girl Ixana Winters.Throughout the years I have developed many talents or what you may call gifts. I am a song writer, poet, author, producer, CEO, engineer, vocalist, and song artist. My hobbies are writing books, poetry, and music. I am the father of I’xana Winters whom is the primary inspiration to my life. I enjoy all types of creativity, and never really had any interest in television and video gaming, and if I did play a game it would have to be a type of sports game like Madden or NBA 2K. Where I Been and Where I’m from I am originally from Jackson Mississippi, because my family migrated from Chicago, Illinois to Yazoo City, Mississippi. Here I have continued my education and devoted most of my time to construct ways to help humanity stand up and see through the veil that covers their eyes. You may not believe me when I say this but I have not always pursued writing. It came in a sudden burst of inspiration that overtook my body. I felt that I had to write so I grabbed a pin and began. Sentence by sentence word by word I started to understand a truth much deeper than the modern day wisdom of our scholars. It was like a million words that make up books and could be categorized into encyclopedia’s had dawned on me. I was awake.