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Trevor Dalton

Trevor Dalton, born in Birmingham 1948, played bass badly in R and B group, The Backdoor Men, named after a Howling Wolf classic. Moved to Wales in his teens before going walkabout three years later. Planned to go around the world but got drunk and joined the army. "It took two and a half years to put that mistake right." Sang in a number of folk groups and wrote poetry for forty years before he found his authors voice. "The surprise was that the genre my authors voice chose was Horror/Chiller. Moved from Wales to Spain and remarried my first wife and had my first book published by Libros. They published my second book but sadly they are no more. Returned to England in 2011. "After a brush with cancer in 2011 I am delighted to be writing again and am currently working on my fifth book, hope you enjoy the first four, oh, and thanks for the great reviews, keep them coming.
*Stop press* I am delighted to announce that my books are to be published in Paperback and Kindle by The lovely people at Fortis Publishing. At last we are opening with the Vampire duet The Possession Legacy and Deeper Darkness for the first time together in print format. Read and enjoy, as always with the lights on.