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vicki lee zell

Vicki lee Zell, born 1953, storyteller/writer/author of cozy mystery thrillers. One of TEN children, was born in poverty, but my mother held her head high and managed to raise ten children on her own when Daddy died five months after Vicki was born. I consider myself a great story teller and I am looking for readers who truly love a good cozy mystery thriller. I am a fan of King, Koontz, Patterson, ect., and the late great, and one of a kind; Mr. Alfred Hitchcock. I love to dance and sing, play rummy with my sisters, cook out, dine out, go to the cinema, and of course write and write and write. I keep my books to a minimal charge so my readers can afford to purchase my works. I am not looking to get rich my any means, just hoping to become rich in readers and followers. So I hope you will give me a chance and check out one of my novels. Thank you reader and I wish you all the success in all your endeavors. Life is short. My motto is: Give a smile. Get a smile. Keep a smile. Also I write under a PEN name VLZ as well as Vicki lee Zell, so try both names if you don't see my books, and they are so far... Identity Crisis/The Hut in the Woods/Hellen Back and are on audio now.