(The Way Of The Warrior)


The tarnished blade divides the air

with a wisp of its viperish breath,

its subtle sigh,

from too close by

is a ruthless dealer of death.


A thousand turns of a sword-smiths hand,

each hammer-blow, purest skill,

a knowledge passed down

with a smile and a frown

for a beauty forged for the kill.


The ancient warrior whirls around,

dispensing one last threat,

his calm, agile gait,

a dark, deadly trait,

all challengers defiantly met.


He walks the field with noble strides,

through names of men untold,

who fought to gain, 

yet died in vain

and history’s tale will be told.


He defended his realm with ceaseless zeal,

he stood his ground and won.

He protected his kin;

he will never give in,

until the bloody battles are done.




Written as, “Defender”, by Darren Scanlon, October 2013.

Revised as “Bushido”, by Darren Scanlon, 4th September, 2016.

©2016 Darren Scanlon. All rights reserved.


September 7, 2016


September 7, 2016

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