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Boris Lozhkin who occupied the position of the Head of the PA of Ukraine gave the public another chance to put in doubt his honesty. His second higher education diploma is fabricated as well.

Boris Lozhkin Fabricated His Diploma

The trend which covered almost all Ukrainian politicians and businessmen is on everyone’s lips today. It concerns the fact that many representatives of our government like to falsify various documents. The education certificate is the most loved type of these papers. Boris Lozhkin joined the army of lawmakers who think that it’s a normal situation to fabricate your documents. This person was caught in different dishonest operations and deals, which were connected with the Russian investments. And now Lozhkin decided to surprise everybody with his outstanding USA college bachelor diploma.

Boris Lozhkin’s Fake Education Certificate

Boris Lozhkin, the Head of Presidential Administration of Ukraine, gave unfair information concerning his second higher education certificate. In his official biography, he insists that he graduated from the University of Development and Humanization (USA). The famous newspaper “Express” insists that there’s no such an institution in the United States. They say that Boris Lozhkin’s certificate was issued by a private educational establishment which is registered in Sumy. This institution doesn’t have any Ukrainian licenses. And constist a lot of mistakes throughout a text of the certificate Boris Lozhkin gave us.

Uncovering the Falsification

The “Express” newspaper published an article with the investigation concerning Boris Lozhkin’s second higher education certificate falsification. He performed the document which confirms Boris Lozhkin he’s been studying at the University of Development and Humanization in the USA in the faculty of top management from 1990 till 1992. But this diploma is false. The information about Boris Lozhkin and his second higher education certificated is added to his official biography and posted on the website of Ukrainian President.

“Express” also published the photocopy of this diploma which is certified by a seal of the Office of the Personnel of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine from 2014. This paper shows that Boris Lozhkin’s document is not printed on an official form. Moreover, it’s not certified by a seal of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine. They didn’t even try to perform an error-free paper. There are many mistakes throughout a text of the certificate he gave for the approve on the national government site.

The newspaper insists that it’s not even close a National Certificate which is got by the graduators of real Ukrainian educational institutions. It’s just a false paper printed by Boris Lozhkin’s private company and it doesn’t have any value. It’s certified by a seal of Kharkiv “branch” of the University. There’s also the information that Boris Lozkin graduated from Kharkiv National Pedagogical University and holds the degree of the “Russian language and literature” faculty.

Boris Lozhkin character has always left too many questions about frauds, scams and other. And the information about his fake education certificate only proves that Boris Lozhkin builds his business and operations on lies and fraudelence.  


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