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There is a contest I am running until April. If you sign up to follow my blog, and you write CLEAN paperback or hardcover novels, then you will be entered to win 5 promotional days on my near 8,000 followers on Linkedin which is attached to my Twitter of over 3,000 followers.  Over 10,000 people!  So, follow today!

Now, if you are already a follower of this blog, and you qualify for the contest, then all you need to do is email me at and put in the subject line- Entering contest.

Then let me know in the email your name and you will be entered to win!  This is the 1st of many contests to come!  Also, Lord willing I will be doing some author spotlights.  But, in the near future. For now, enter to win!

God luck!  TO promote at any time join my book group.  We do Twitter Thursday! Clean reads.

Also, check out previous posts on demonic possession or oppression. What does God’s word say on hauntings and spiritual warfare? How can you combat something you may not see?

There is a false spirit invading the church at present. Why are Christians behaving in a maniacal fashion throwing themselves on the ground and writhing around or feeling as if their body is on fire? Is this false Holy Spirit lurking around the church deceiving the masses and being passed around and imparted upon people by the hundreds or by the thousands?? Why are Christians behaving in a way that New Age religion behaves?  Their heads uncontrollably shaking back and forth to hyperventilate. Yet well known Christians, prophets and leaders are being deceived and not weighing these things according to the word of God. Why? And why are people accepting this as a regular gathering and fellowship of the saints? Why is it after our youth?  The youth are impressionable and are being sucked into this not knowing how wicked and dangerous it is. What do you do in a situation such as this? And what if confusion comes? You weigh it all by the word of God, the Bible.

How are leaders being swayed by the wickedness and callousness of the Jezebel spirit? What is it and what are the signs that someone is operating under that spirit?  When someone is manipulative and attacks people with sly words and a controlling spirit. They always get their way and in many times will purposefully lose control and/or hyperventilate or manipulate to get their complete way. They lie and cheat to get what they want. They also attack the leaders of the church with seduction. They get on your good side behaving as if they are being helpful but it has an underlying reason. Pastors and leaders think these people are being helpful and ignore the prophetic voices of warning because they refuse to listen and heed the words. Their ending result of what happens and invades their church is worse than the latter. Recognizing the signs is crucial to seeing who is operating by the Jezebel spirit. Also there are ways to combat it and overcome it by the blood of Jesus.

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Aimée Marie Bejarano

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