GateWays to Conscious Evolution

My book on consciousness evolution is a road map for spiritual hikers depicting consciousness evolution as a key factor and a tool for tweaking the operating system of reality .

Consciousness is the only “active” ingredient in the Universe , the rest are only tools you use to develop it ,

consciousness cannot exist without free choice and the quality of the choices you make determine whether your consciousness is evolving or devolving.

For example  : a robot which operates by a piece of software have zero free choice , it must perform the routines written in its memory , it cannot decide differently ( maybe in the far future and the advancement in AI artificial intelligent , robots will have a decision base and some free choice that will lead to consciousness. hence the Turing Test : The Turing test is a test of a machine’s ability to exhibit intelligent behaviour equivalent to, or indistinguishable from, that of a human.  A human judge engages in natural language conversations with a human and a machine designed to generate performance indistinguishable from that of a human being. All participants are separated from one another. If the judge cannot reliably tell the machine from the human, the machine is said to have passed the test ).

Animals are wired and operate mostly on instincts engraved in their brain so they have a very small free choice and thus a small consciousness . for example : my dog will always chase a cat he sees in my backyard , he cannot decide : ” f#$k it , this cat has just brought 6 kittens , she has to feed them maybe i should split my food with her . He will always chase the cat because he is wired that way.


Entropy is a measure of disorder or randomness in a system. referred by some as  “a breakdown or disorganization of any system.”

Nature tends toward maximum entropy for any closed system.

A more precise way to characterize entropy is to say that it is a measure of the “multiplicity” associated with the state of the objects. If a given state can be accomplished in many more ways, then it is more probable than one which can be accomplished in only a few ways. for example :in  “throwing a dice” , throwing a seven is more probable than a two because you can produce seven in six different ways and there is only one way to produce a two. So seven has a higher multiplicity than a two, and this gives some insight why systems in nature like the molecules of a gas would spontaneously tend toward states of higher multiplicity or higher “entropy”.

If the choice you made is reducing entropy , reducing disorder and therefore towards love you evolve your consciousness and if not you devolve it .

The best example of an entropy reducing choice anyone can take right now is becoming a vegan. People kill animals because they taste good. How wrong is that sentence ? It’s not that you depend on eating meat for your survival , it’s actually killing animals for fun. How many meat eating people  hate it when they see someone being cruel to a pet. How many meat eating people oppose killing deers for sport when hunting season is opened? So why is killing a cow, ok ? just because it tastes good ?.

And i am not talking about the negative effect cattle farms have on the environment , you can read all about it in a simple google search .

Another example of entropy reducing decision could  be “recycling ” or any green or environmental preservation decision could be regarded as an entropy reduction decision .

Any decision that promotes life , promotes service to others , promote help to any living being .

Those decisions have to be taken from your internal being and not from an intellectual calculated thought of “what’s in it for me? ” . you help others because this is who you are , your most inner being guide , you don’t think : “should i or shouldn’t i ” you just do it because this is who you are .

Any decision taken due to : fear, jealousy , hate , shame , guilt ,apathy ,grief , anger, pride etc . will devolve your consciousness and will increase entropy.

Any decision taken due to : love , willingness , acceptance , reason , joy and peace will lower entropy and contribute to the evolution of your consciousness.

So life can be described as a long decision making school in the service of your consciousness development or “growth” as spiritual people call it.


I once saw a caption on a T shirt which said : ” life is like a film , you take the negative and develop” .

We often tend to look at our challenges as a negative thing that happened to us but our challenges in life are the engine for growth , they are our best teachers , if it doesn’t challenge you , it doesn’t change you and if it doesn’t change you , you are not evolving.

You probably read these slogans :

“life begins at the end of your comfort zone” .

” When God wants you to grow , he makes you uncomfortable” . 

Everyone in your life either gave you a gift or gave you a lesson and you should be thankful for both as a lesson is not less valuable than a gift .

Staff happens and you have to deal with it , your choice of how to handle it is the crucial factor for developing your consciousness .

You are going through a life long “school” where you are given “lessons” (experiences and challenges) and you have to learn the lesson behind these experiences . if the lesson is learned and your “actions” are towards love and reducing entropy , that lesson will never return . you will never have to experience that lesson ever again. on the other hand if you did not learn the lesson “behind” that experience it will show up again until you learn from that experience.

So living on top of a mountain in the Himalayas in solitude will not provide you with much of experiences/challenges/choice making opportunities  , your decision base is very small and limited to questions like:” what do i eat for lunch ? ” there are no growth opportunities in living in solitude , you need to engage with people , face challenges , make decisions , live .

Because if it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you , it won’t make you need to engage with life and face challenges and make choices in order to grow and develop your consciousness and to be more precise i would say “increase the quality of your consciousness” .

Larger Consciousness System – God 

God is a pure ever evolving consciousness system . who sent “branches” of consciousness to a physical reality to experience and evolve . we are consciousness and as our consciousness evolves the whole larger system evolves.

Our consciousness does not reside in our brain , it’s a branch of consciousness assigned to operate our physical avatar and make decisions for it just like when you play a computer game and you are the consciousness which operates the avatar in the virtual reality of the computer game. Your consciousness is “outside” the brain of the avatar in the computer game but nevertheless your consciousness makes decisions for the avatar , whether to turn left or right , whether to shoot or not etc.

Our physical reality is the most efficient “arena” for spiritual growth because in a physical reality you can feel pain and pain is a great engine for growth .

In this physical reality you are fully engaged with all kinds of challenges life throws at you , it’s a fertile soil for growth . you make thousands of decisions a day .

When you develop your consciousness you “help” develop the Larger Consciousness system. your consciousness is a component in the Larger consciousness system and as you evolve , the whole system evolves .

Highly evolved individuals can change future probabilities by using their power of intention .

People with evolved consciousness are in tune with the ” larger consciousness system” often referred to by some as “GOD” .

People from our history with highly evolved consciousness are : Moses , Jesus,buddha , krishna to name a few .

People with expanded and evolved consciousness are an important factor in reducing entropy in our small private physical reality and thus contributing in lowering the entropy of the entire “larger consciousness system” ,a consciousness system we can’t know anything about but the facts that we are fractions of it and that it is continuously ever evolving and that our consciousness evolution is part of the entire system evolution .

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