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It’s no secret that social media has been a great tool in helping start-up businesses be  immediately competitive. Budding authors are no different. They can use social media to get more people to read their books and, in the process, establish themselves as authors. While Facebook and Twitter automatically come to mind, social media is not limited to these two.

For authors and bookworms, there is Goodreads, a site that allows its users to freely search its extensive database of books, annotations and reviews. With more than 50 million members, 50 million reviews and 1.5 billion books in their library, Goodreads is the world’s largest website for readers and book recommendations. With those titanic numbers, a writer worth his salt simply cannot ignore Goodreads. As a bonus, Goodreads was purchased by Amazon, which makes it easier than ever to connect your Amazon Author Central account.

Here are some tips if you’re a writer who plans to use Goodreads to reel in potential readers:

1. Create An Author Page.

This is done by using Goodreads’ Author Program, which you can get for free once you’ve already registered an account with Goodreads. Chances are you’re already familiar with how Facebook works. If that is the case, this process will be a breeze. Think of this as your Facebook profile where you add your picture, bio and other basic details. Additionally, you may also publicize upcoming events, such as a book launch, signings and speaking engagements.

2. Add Your Book On Listopia.

Listopia consists of user-created lists which anyone can add books to. Either create your own list or find an existing and established list and add your book to that list. Once your books are on the proper lists, you then need to secure votes for your books, so that they can climb high above the list. If you’re doing it right, your books just might land in the top 10.

3. Promote Your Books.

As mentioned in the preceding item, you need to get votes. Goodreads users would not normally vote for your books unless they have read them first. And this is where promotion and advertising come in. Luckily, Goodreads has an advertising feature—consisting of Self-Serve Advertising and Direct Advertising—which allows you to advertise your books to the Goodreads community for a reasonable fee. Alternatively, you may make use of other modes of advertising.

4. Give Books Away.

In business, a common way of building your product’s reputation is by giving free samples. Goodreads allows you to do essentially that with its giveaway system. Basically, you tell Goodreads how many copies you are giving away, and they would be the ones to pick the winners and send you their addresses. And hopefully, the lucky recipients would give favorable reviews and generate buzz on your books.

5. Discuss Your Book.

Of course, no one can speak better about a book than the one who wrote it. Discuss your books by writing blogs about them.

6. Connect Goodreads to Your Other Social Media Accounts.

Another way of promoting your books is by linking your Goodreads author page to your other social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. You may also talk about your books on those social media accounts to generate more buzz.

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