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A Heart That Seeks Him

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Relationships Of The Heart (Volume 1)

A Heart That Seeks is 1 of 3 books that are companions to the Relationship Conference, lead by Nancy. A Heart That Seeks is writing compiled from Nancy’s journals, blogs, websites and other online platforms. The pages are not in chronological order from her life. Instead that are numbered for personal daily reflection. The best way to read A Heart That Seeks is to find a quiet place, grab a journal and read one section/topic per day. The pages may include questions to think about, to pray over and scripture readings. Nancy believes that God is calling each one of us to live out our life using the gifts he gives each one of us to the fullest. Our life must begin with Jesus Christ and flow from a life that is connected to Jesus Christ. Life is about relationships and it begins with this relationship. Encouragement from Nancy. Throughout my life I experienced numerous times that I lost my way and the purpose of my life. I felt the obstacles were just to huge to try to overcome. Many times I became tired and weary in the midst of those who discouraged me at every turn or lived a life others desired me to live. I’ve lived in a basement, and in a few small rooms. Yet, through it all with God’s help, I continue to persevere in life’s journey as a leader in our global world! In fact in the middle of all of this, even though I lived on the edge of homelessness, I traveled to three countries and spent many hours in training in the area of writing, technology, study and teaching. Remember friends, even near homelessness cannot stop us from following and doing what God gives us to do, if we are willing to push forward as each day arrives. In our trials and struggles, if we give up we may not see or experience the wonderful things that are waiting for each one of us just around the corner, so don’t you give up now!

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