A Towering Experience

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Music Store Memoir (Where Did My Life Go? Book 2)

Author K.D. Sanders is also a drummer who was raised in the Florida Keys. After graduating high school in 1987, he had dreams of becoming a rock star drummer. After a failed attempt in the South Florida area, he moved to San Francisco to live with his older brother. While there, he played in several bands but none brought him closer to rock stardom. One of the bands he was playing drums, decided to move to Los Angeles for a better chance of “making it”. He agreed with their decision and made the move with them. He left on a wing and a prayer leaving another bands he played drums for in San Francisco. All he had was a Volkswagen van to transport his drum set down to Los Angeles and a dream of making it in the music business. He didn’t have a job or an apartment set up before he left. The band said he could stay with them until he had found both. After about a month of gigs, his welcome came to a screeching halt when he couldn’t find a job and as a result, a place to live. He started living in his van still playing gigs with the band, then after some turmoil and a death in his family, the band broke up. Leaving him alone in L.A. still living in his van, as the departing members, moved back up to San Francisco. After being homeless for over a year, in a drunken, out of control, haze, he eventually got a job at Tower Records on the Sunset Strip working there for 3 years, living in his van the whole time until his van was towed and Tower Records went out of business. His experience inspired him to tell his story, “Where Did My Life Go? A Towering Experience”

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