Abigail and Henry

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Set in the present day, Henry Harper is an involuntary recluse that yearns for companionship, but since he is a werewolf, his interaction with people is limited – until he meets an aloof Abigail D. Saunders. Henry continually tries to befriend the standoffish Abigail; however, his efforts prove futile until one fateful night, when the werewolf emerges and attacks her. Although Abigail subdues the beast, Henry is worried that she will reveal his secret. Unfortunately, John Childers, an eccentric widower who has been stalking the werewolf that attacked him and savagely killed his beloved wife years ago, witnesses Abigail’s attack. Once Henry realizes Abigail can be trusted, he entertains her interest of ballroom dancing and solicits her friendship, but Abigail’s adamant refusal of entering an upcoming competition prompts Henry to visit her. This is when he discovers what Abigail truly is.

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