Acquisitions by Tania Joyce

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Strictly Business Book 2

An erotic workplace romance.


A new start. A short term project. That’s all it was meant to be.

Losing his wife in a car accident has left Troy Smith doubtful of ever finding love again. He’s tried, but failed. Now he thinks he’s found solace as a hard-working business partner at Gumtrees Winery.

Kelleigh Johnstone needs a break from dealing with the mess and debt her fraudulent ex-boyfriend left behind. The opportunity to manage a project in the Hunter Valley seems like the perfect escape.

When these two strangers meet, a one-night stand delivers unexpected surprises. Troy is shocked when he finds out Kelleigh represents the company trying to purchase his vineyard for a new golf resort. In order to protect his home and community, Troy must do whatever it takes to stop the project from proceeding.

Kelleigh and Troy may be on opposite sides of the boardroom table, but when they are together the attraction is hard to deny. With livelihoods at stake and broken hearts vulnerable, who will risk everything for another chance at love?




Kelleigh swayed as she walked toward the door of her room. She’d had four schooners of beer and was feeling buzzed from the effects of the alcohol. Troy’s enchanting eyes had held her captivated during drinks, even though his attempts at flirting were poor. But hey, she wouldn’t have done any better. She was happy he was talking to her and not running off screaming in the other direction, thinking she was a raving lunatic after her episode yesterday.

She glanced over her shoulder and caught sight of his smoldering sapphire gaze. The way he looked at her made butterflies take flight in her stomach. She tried to recall if this was how Jamie looked at Fran? In reality it was probably the alcohol making her feel this way, but it was nice to think otherwise for a moment.

She paused at her door and admired Troy’s blond hair, sun-kissed skin and naturally well-muscled physique. Completely opposite to Rodrigo’s dark complexion, protein-powder induced muscles and moisturized baby-soft skin. Completely different to Rodrigo’s not-a-hair-out-of-place appearance. She lowered her eyes; her confidence wavered. Could she do this? Should she be doing this a month after Rodrigo had left? Why not? This was one night. She needed this. Something reckless. Something fun. Something to make her feel like a woman again. One small step toward gaining control back of her life.

Kelleigh’s hands trembled as she opened her handbag and rummaged around for her room key. The anticipation of having those hands of Troy’s on her body was enough to make her break out in a feverish sweat. This had to be the most reckless thing she’d ever done in her life. She’d always been one to approach relationships carefully. Go on dates before sleeping with someone. Get to know them. Meet their parents. Bah! Look where that had left her.

Finally locating her key, she tried to insert it into the lock. Unable to focus clearly, her hand swayed over the slot, from side to side. She inhaled sharply as Troy’s warm breath on her neck shot goose bumps down her spine. He slowly reached around her and placed his hand on hers to steady it. With a gentle lean in toward her, he inserted the key and twisted the handle to open the door. The feel of his body against her hip sent her pulse racing and fire curling through her veins. “Smarty-pants,” she said as she walked inside, flicked on the entryway light and made her way into the living area to shut the curtains.

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