The adventures of Santa Claus by Dominique Curtiss

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I had pleasure to write this magic and fantastic Christmas tale to make discover to children the various cultures of this world. The reader will travel  together with the Santa Claus and will live full of events along the way, but will also meet forgotten peoples such as: the Amerindians Sekanis, the Australian Aborigines the reader will discover their culture, but will also meet children in Africa, in Nunavut and in France and will share a little their reality. Some realities of  life are so revealed, but the hope and the magic of Christmas allow to believe that everything is possible.

At the end of the story, there are pages with explanations of some new words so that readers can enlerge their vocabulary.

Martin Sombsthay is the illustrator and He knew how to give life to this story by bringing his personal and original artistic touch.

The translation into English has be done by Rowland Hill who is an Irish person living in France and teaches English to children and adults but also has an university diploma in translation fron French into English. I am always satisfied with his translations, because he knows perfectly how to translate a text in French, respect the rhythm and to play with the words.

“So many unexpected adventures for Santa Claus during his busiest time of year. Christmas letters have arrived from children all over the world, but some of these letters include very unusual requests! Santa’s team of helpers: Nanuq, Ukpik, Siksik and Tuktu, have done everything they can to make sure there will be lots of happy faces on Christmas Day. But will Santa be able to deliver the presents on time? And how will he overcome all the obstacles in his path?

Readers will find themselves riding through the night skies with Santa on his perilous journey over distant lands, meeting different peoples and cultures along the way. This book contains three adventures in one: Santa’s topsy-turvy day (Volume 1), Whatever has become of Santa? (Volume 2), Merry Christmas, Santa Claus (Volume 3). For children aged from 3 to 6.”

This book contains 80 illustrated pages. It has been translated into French, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese.

If some of you read this Christmas tale with young children, I would be very glad to read their reviews.

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