Controlling the mind of a Criminal: The Yogic Way
Controlling the mind of a Criminal: The Yogic Way
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Controlling the Mind of a Criminal

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The Yogic Way

About the Book, “Controlling the Mind of a Criminal” Each and every person on this globe gets affected by different sorts of criminal acts ranging from Environmental offences to corruption to white collar crimes to violent crimes, from murders to rapes, road accidents to industrial accidents, cyber crimes to human trafficking, religious violence to class conflicts ,drugs smuggling to animal parts smuggling, from Corporate Crimes, Employee theft, to counter Productive Behavior and many other crimes More than 9 million people remain in different jails all across the world every year and hundreds of millions are involved, acquitted for want of evidence or facing trials and then there are billions of victims of crimes and suffering the aftermaths of such criminal acts. For the last about four-five centuries, hundreds of researchers, criminologists, penologists, sociologists and many more have been trying to find reasons as why people commit crimes and on the basis of their research work and the theories propounded by them, the modern criminal law has been framed. During this period, a few dozen criminological theories have also been propounded to explain various reasons of crime but no theory has been able to give the total explanation and reason for majority of crimes and so the solutions have also been inadequate and hence the ever increasing crime.

Understanding, predicting and then modifying criminal behavior is not an easy thing. Is it something innate or learned from environment. Why some people have criminal or maladaptive behavior while others similarly situated, of same family or group, or neighborhood or area may not be having similar criminal disposition. The Determinism debate still goes on. We are hard determinists, we are soft, we are dispositionists, we are interactionists, we are Darwinians, we are Freudians. The labels, the concepts, the theories may have helped us to understand crime a little bit but still we have not been able to decipher the mechanisms leading to human thoughts, his ideas, his consciousness, in short his Brain and then Mind Functioning, leading to situations which make him criminal or non criminal. Had that been so easy and simple, the prisons and jails all across the globe would not have been over overflowing with convicts and undertrials, there would not have been so much bloodshed, violence, white and blue collar criminality, so many rapes, thefts, drug smuggling, human trafficking and many other types of crimes. The fact is that we have not been able to understand human behavior, the way his brain or mind functions and when we do not know the functioning of an instrument or its total components, we are hardly in a position to rectify its malfunctioning. Human behavior emanates from human mind, and what is Human Mind and how it gives rise to our behavior or to be precise, the maladaptive behavior has been evaluated, tried to be understood and a way has presented to modify such behavior. The present book attempts to make people working in criminal justice system, the police officers, people working in correctional institutions, lawyers, judges, law makers, law students, people working in the corporate sector, corporate houses and even commoners to have some understanding about criminological theories, about human brain and mind, his behavior, how criminal or maladaptive behavior is acquired, how it can be modified and how the modified behavior can be retained. This book and the new theory/concept propounded in it is a blend/fusion of Criminology, behavior therapy, neurobiology, Yoga etc. and is expected to bring perceptible change in the way crime problem has been viewed till today and also the behavior of individuals beside offering various valuable tips to keep body and mind healthy. This method/concept/theory works on the mind of the criminal and non criminal, a law abiding citizen as well, and attempts to change the thought process of individuals, enfeebling his negative forces and then finally eliminating them from his brain, creating space and filling up that with positive thoughts and making him better person and law abiding citizen. It’s like changing/replacing the malicious programmes in a computer and then reformatting it and putting new software in it to make it people/user friendly. This technique is totally unique and is totally inexpensive. The book can be of immense use to the persons involved in criminal justice system and governments all across the globe, facing the onslaught of criminality and to private sector like industrial houses, educational institutions, civil society, individuals and many others. For more details, please visit or at Yours sincerely Rameshwar Singh Jamwal Advocate, J&K High Court, Jammu, India email –

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