Where Are The Women?

A woman’s true power lies in her feminine values.  They are heart-centered principles which are the same around the globe:  justice, inclusion, nurturing, compassion, fairness and equity.  Women’s feminine values have been generally sidelined as the values of all our institutions are masculine: competiveness, assertiveness, ambition and desire for material success.  Taken to the extreme these traits became domination, greed and unchecked ambition. The result has been a global system of tyranny which pervades all aspects of our lives.

Women have a major role to play in bringing balance and equilibrium to our institutions.   This evolution is beginning to take place now as women have reached a critical mass in most institutions.  This book argues that gender parity will not necessarily bring a more equitable world, but that feminine values must be asserted to bring this about.  This book challenges women to acknowledge and embrace their feminine values and to persevere in articulating them.  To have balance and equilibrium on our planet, feminine and masculine values must be given equal importance.

To change a system, one must understand how it works. This book explains how the system is set up and how it operates and controls almost all aspects of our lives. It examines its origins and evolution: historically, politically, philosophically, financially, and, most important, who’s pulling the strings. The purpose of this book is to awaken,  inspire, and motivate women to find solutions to the problems facing us wherever they live, whatever their religious or political worldview.

Inspiring men and women around the globe are engaged in  social activitism touching millions of lives. Their stories are seldom told. Yet they are today’s heroes and heroines.  This book examines many of their stories and shows how their heart-centered values have changed millions of lives.

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