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Job Seeker’s Faithful Guide

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There are many books written detailing the job search process covering everything from skills assessments and resume writing to interviewing and salary negotiations, but there is nothing available for the job seeker looking for something to sustain themselves mentally and spiritually. Being unable to sustain themselves mentally and spiritually many job seekers soon grow weary of the daunting job search journey and simply quit looking before they reach their goal.

The “Job Seeker’s Faithful Guide” targets everybody involved in a career transition regardless whether they are unemployed, underemployed, seeking a new opportunity or launching a new business on their own. In fact, anyone in career transition is a job seeker.

One of the most difficult tasks a job seeker faces is how to sustain the mental and spiritual strength to make it through the complete journey. When a job seeker’s mental and spiritual strength wanes the chances for success in the job search are drastically reduced, and finally the job seeker simply abandons the job search.

The “Job Seeker’s Faithful Guide” provides a resource for anybody in career transition regardless of where they are along their job search journey.

The “Job Seeker’s Faithful Guide” is faith-based, but it is meant to be non-denominational. In fact, the scripture references provide inspirational meaning for anybody of any faith as they work their way through the job search process and journey.

The “Job Seeker’s Faithful Guide” is organized as a series of sixty-six (66) “Reflections” (Chapters). The chapters are arranged in the order the individual “Reflections” were originally presented to members of the “In Between Jobs Support Group”, which an outreach ministry of the St. Paul Roman Catholic Church located in Tampa, FL.

The individual “Reflections” can be read and studied in any order without detracting from the value of the full content of the book. The book includes three (3) indexes at the end of the book as follows:

Topic Index – Lists job search related topics included in the book;

Scripture Index – Lists all scripture references included in the book;

Secular Reference Index – Lists all secular references mentioned in the book.

Each “Reflection” in the book includes a scripture reference followed by an updated application of the scriptural message using secular references, and finally a specific connection between the scripture and secular references as applied to the job search journey. Finally, “Reflections” include a set of self-discovery questions and a prayer.

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Charles Caro has been a part of the St. Paul Catholic Church “In-Between” Job Seeker Support Group (Tweeners) as a Support Team Leader since 2009. During his time with the Tweeners group Mr. Caro contributed not only his expertise with using LinkedIn but also as the author of the weekly “Reflection”, which was the devotional segment of each Tweeners meeting. In addition, he is a commissioned Stephen Minister.

Mr. Caro earned a Master of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of South Florida located in Tampa, Florida. The core of his graduate studies was in the field of international business with a particular emphasis on international relations and comparative politics focusing on the oil industry and the Middle East.

He has worked internationally with software and architectural firms . His work and travel experience has taken him to many countries, including Japan, China, Singapore, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Bahrain, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Canada.

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