Kauai Getaway

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Get your sunglasses and sunblock on, lean back on your poolside chaise lounge and getaway to an idyllic paradise with Rick and Renee Marshal. A frequent holiday for them that turns harrowingly precarious when ensnared in the politics, the deceit, and the blackmail of a class and industrial struggle for power and wealth. An acquaintance of Rick’s from a prior Kauai vacation becomes an adversary. Rick is unaware of the newly formed conflict between them and Rick and Renee’s getaway turns into political intrigue as a native Kaua’ian group strives to establish a Kauai ruled by them and not the historical rule of the white man and the yellow man. While pawn’s in the drama Rick and Renee’s role in this political struggle turn increasingly dangerous. The struggle concludes with the Kaua’ian instigators achieving their desired outcome but with a price.

Kauai Getaway is one in a series of adventure romance stories about Rick and Renee Marshal. These semi-retired couple, he an art security expert and art dealer and she a culinary expert and author are southern California natives that have achieved a comfortable status in live. They travel extensively, typically on short getaway vacations. Invariably the getaways turn from well-planned leisure times to adventures of one sort or another. These getaway stories are designed to entertain and delight. Join Rick and Renee in Italian Getaway and Morro Bay Getaway.

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