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This is BOOK I of my new mind-twist series: enjoy reading the “unnormal” with this new series. Expect to the unexpected and travel to a dimension of chaotic, extreme psychotic morphing. Writing is sometimes a way out of reality, sometimes it’s a way into a psychotic nightmare ….

From being an abused child by both family and friends of her family, Wendy turned into a psychotic shell of a being that had never actually been able to love or be loved.  Starting in middle school being the oldest due to being held back a few times, her adventures continued to unfurl as a hopeless child of abuse. Mixing Pain Into Pleasure is the first of a three-part series that describes in detail the life struggles for Wendy beginning with you, the reader, finding out in this first book about some of the hell she went through as a young adult.

Finding a job after high school didn’t help her self-esteem, marriage didn’t help her confidence, so she tries to feel needed and bakes for her co-workers and husband trying to find redemption of her self-worth while she struggles to find closure and acceptance in her own way….

Here are some reviews received on Volume I of my mind-twist series. I thank you for the continued support in my effort to entertain everyone’s twisted mind and keep them guessing and being surprised and eager for more. Please feel free to check out my social media platforms. There you can check out upcoming projects and excerpts from Book II, my next work in progress.
Writing is my passion, there are poems and other things of interest on each of my social media platforms. I welcome feedback.

Thank you,
C. Lenell

The beginning of the book Wendy is a sixteen year old eighth grader, who is readying herself for school when her mother informs her that she has to go to the bedroom to finish off her mother’s boyfriend, because she is unable to and Wendy complies. After the dirty deed, she travels to school, unaffected and unemotional. This behavior continues throughout all of Wendy’s life, she is like a zombie who goes through the motions of living, yet allowing bad things to happen to her, because she is so use to it. Does she find a way out? You will have to read the book to find out.

– every part of the book is so important for the reader to read
-I have a Bachelor of Science degree in general studies with a concentration in psychology. This novel started out as a paper for my abnormal psychology class in which I received a 95; five points deducted because of my works cited page. –
-Great story line. Kept me reading. Crazy chick you won’t wanna put down the book.
The story was so captivating that I could not put it down. Will definitely -read the next volume, I hope it comes out soon.

This is supposed to be a three part series, we’ll see ….

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