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My Search for the One True God

This book will bring you along with me on my journey to find the one true God so that like me you will be directed toward a life of meaning and purpose from a spiritual perspective. God can and does want to change your life by providing you with his personalness here and now.


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The author has undertaken a journey to find out if God truly does exist. He was brought up in a religious system full of dos and don’ts. However, God was only a deity to try and exemplify without ever getting to know in a personal way.

     Over time many new faiths were explored. It seemed that the same process reoccurred over and over again. Follow the tenets of each faith and hopefully, the place where God resides will be attained following one’s departure from this earth.

     But what about now? Is there a God who we can get to know during our lifetime here on earth?

     Go on a journey with the author and find out.

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